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Board Spotlight

Phil Nunes

“I am excited to serve and to shape our reimagined association.”

Phil Nunes_edited.png

About Phil

Phil joined the International Community Justice Association in the 1990s when he began his career in the corrections field. He joined ICJA because he had a desire to become

more aware of evidence-informed research impacting this field as well as to collaborate with others in the field from across the United States and Canada.

Best Memories

Since the beginning of his career in corrections in 1989, after his service in the military, Phil has found a passion in the pursuit tohelp people improve their lives as well as advocating for alternatives to incarceration for non-violent cases. One of his most memorable moments with ICJA, was when he was president in 2015. ICJA, along with the American Parole and Probation Association (APPA), hosted the 2nd ever World Congress on Community Correction in Los Angeles, California. 


“It was amazing to co-host and convene more than 20 countries from around the world to focus on research and to gain a better grasp of innovative and promising practices.”

Looking to the Future

Along with his long history with ICJA Phil looks towards the future where ICJA will broaden its board and membership to reflect all community-based agencies focused on and specializing in diversion and reentry services for the criminal justice population. He believes our new diverse and well-represented field will improve services and strengthen partnerships at the community, state/provincial, and national levels. He believes with a holistic representation of providers we can now speak with one voice and greatly impact public policies to better enrich the lives of the people we serve. Finally, he has high hopes that we will all improve our programs.

and create a united front to positively impact the field and improve our communities.

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