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Previous Board Spotlights

Check out our previous spotlights which showcase our board members and the work they do outside of ICJA!

ICJA Spotlight (5).png

Week 1

Check out our first spotlight of the series which featured our current ICJA president, Lisa Lopez-Canseco. In her spotlight Lisa talks about her experience with ICJA and her pride in being ICJA's first Latina president.

Week 2

Our second installation of our spotlight series featured Phil Nunes, a corrections professional with over 30 years of experience and ICJA's current president-elect.

ICJA Spotlight (8).png
ICJA Spotlight (10).png

Week 3

In Stephen's spotlight he discusses his experience with ICJA and in the legal field with decades of experience. 

Week 4

Nadine first joined ICJA while she was a new student and enjoyed reading the journals as background for her studies. Today, she is able to utilize that knowledge in her career and work with ICJA. 

ICJA Spotlight (13).png

Week 5

In Mike's spotlight he discusses his history with ICJA as well as his hopes for the future. 

Week 6

Linda believes in ICJA's future and hopes that more young professionals will join ICJA because of the great networking and development opportunities. 

ICJA Spotlight (17).png
ICJA Spotlight (19).png

Week 7

In this weeks installation our featured member Joe Miller discusses why he joined ICJA and how young professionals can get involved. 

Week 8

In Brian's Spotlight he discusses his history with ICJA as well as his hopes for the future expansion of ICJA's mission and vision.

ICJA Spotlight (21).png
ICJA Spotlight (28).png

Week 7

In Monique's Spotlight she discusses how ICJA has helped her connect with and learn from other professionals in the community. 

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