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The International Community Justice Association has eight awards that it bestows upon individuals and organizations for their leadership, service, and partnership to the cause of community justice and to the field of community-based services for justice involved individuals. The awards are criteria-based. They include the:



Margaret Mead Award 

The Margaret Mead Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated leadership in the field of community justice through guidance, innovative ideas, influence of policy and/or dedicated service to the ideals and goals of community-based programming. This award is considered the highest honor presented by the Association. 


Criteria: Any individual in the international community who has demonstrated premier leadership, achievements, or service national or international impact or recognition. 


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Jan Kempf

  • 2019: Mark Holden

  • 2018: Gary C. Mohr

  • 2017: Denise Robinson

  • 2016: Pam Palmater

  • 2015: John Larivee

  • 2014: U.S. Senator Rob Portman (OH)

  • 2013: Dr. Ralph Serin 

  • 2012: Dr. Allen Benson

  • 2011: Laurie O. Robinson

  • 2010: James Lawrence

  • 2009: Marc Mauer

  • 2008: Ray Weis

  • 2007: Donald E. Santarelli 

  • 2006: Kevin McHugh 

  • 2005: James A. Hemm 

  • 2004: Neil F. Tilow 

  • 2003: Jeremy Travis 

  • 2002: Dr. Joan Petersilia 

  • 2001: Dr. Edward J. Latessa 

  • 2000: Dr. Ole Ingstrup 

  • 1999: Dr. Reginald Wilkinson

  • 1998: Dr. Paul Gendreau

  • 1997: Don Andrews

  • 1996: George Keiser

  • 1995: Vivien Stern

  • 1994: Chase Riveland

  • 1993: Dr. Ted Palmer

  • 1992: Reverend Jesse Jackson

  • 1991: J. Bryan Riley 

  • 1990: Sir Graham Smith 

  • 1988: Michael Quinlan 

  • 1987: Dr. Derek Mills

  • 1986: Dr. Norm Chamberlin 

  • 1985: John “Jack” Coleman 

  • 1984: Donald G. Evans 

  • 1983: Allen Breed 

  • 1982: Milton Rector 

  • 1981: Thomas P. Wichker 

  • 1980: Dr. Walter Menniger 

President’s Award

The ICJA President’s Award is presented to individuals who are providing relevant, responsive, and timely leadership and/or meaningful impact to the membership of the Association and our communities at large.


Criteria: This award is given at the discretion of the ICJA President usually with feedback from the Executive Committee of the ICJA Board of Directors.


Past Recipients include:

  • 2023: Anne Connell-Freund

  • 2023: Cleveland Bell

  • 2023: James Lawrence

  • 2018: Senator Richard J. Durbin (IL) & Howard Sapers

  • 2017: Senator John Cornyn (TX)

  • 2016: Marilyn Van Dieten

  • 2015: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)


Emerging Leader Award

First introduced in 2019, the Emerging Leader Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the International Community Justice Association (ICJA) and/or to the profession and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

Criteria: Nominees must be in their first 5 years of experience in the field having already made a significant contribution to ICJA and/or the profession. They must have demonstrated outstanding promise for continuing service with strong leadership in the areas of integrity, effective communication, problem solving, vision, and passion.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Nadine Dalheim

  • 2019: Gabriella Priest

ICJA Mission Award 

This award, which was introduced in 2023, recognizes an individual or business that has put the ICJA Mission into practice. In developing this award, ICJA leadership was inspired by several businesses that are going above and beyond to create second chances for justice-involved individuals in their community. 

Criteria: Person or business that demonstrates promoting public safety through evidence-informed practices for justice-involved individuals through collaborative community-based treatment services, research and advocacy.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Brandon E. Chrostowski, EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institue in Cleveland, Ohio

Arthur McDonald Leadership and Service Award 

First introduced in 2002, this award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to community-based services for justice involved individuals and who utilize the association as a vehicle to support their goals. 


Criteria: ICJA member with at least two years of service in the field of community-based services for justice involved individuals. Nominees have demonstrated a commitment and/or assistance to ICJA through significant involvement with the association on committees, conference planning, assistance to the board of directors and/or faithful support of the Association. 


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Ellen Donnarumma

  • 2019: Cleveland Bell

  • 2017: Greg Crawford

  • 2016: Elizabeth Curtin

  • 2015: Phil Nunes

  • 2014: B. Diane Williams

  • 2011: Tom Berghausen

  • 2010: Don Evans

  • 2009: Rick Billak

  • 2008: Den Freaney

  • 2007: Dan Lombardo

  • 2006: Jan Kempf

  • 2004: Ray Weis

  • 2003: James Lawrence

  • 2002: Art and Barbara McDonald 

David Dillingham Public Service Award 

This award was introduced in 2014 to recognize an individual who has demonstrated "quiet leadership" in community corrections as exemplified by the lifelong work of David Dillingham. The award is presented to a career public service professional who quietly provides leadership, direction, and steady influence in moving his or her public agency towards evidenced-based practices. 


Criteria: A quiet and steady public servant working at the county, state, provincial or national level who is a supporter of evidence-based practices in the field of community-based services for justice involved individuals.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Raymond Weis

  • 2019: Scott Semple

  • 2018: Brian Lovins

  • 2017: Connie Smith

  • 2016: Lynn Stewart

  • 2015: Edward Kendall

  • 2014: Stew Rowles


Judicial Award 

Started in 1999, this award is presented to an active or retired judiciary practitioner who promotes and furthers the cause of community justice through active support and leadership in community programming. 


Criteria: Active or retired member of judiciary who has demonstrated advocacy for the cause of community justice and who has promoted and/or furthered this cause within his/her local area, region, or nation.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: The Hon. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio Sharon Kennedy

  • 2019: The Hon. Judge Sheila Calloway

  • 2017: The Hon. Judge J. Wesley Saint Clair

  • 2016: The Hon. Judge Harry LaForme

  • 2015: The Hon. Judge Steven Alm

  • 2014: The Hon. Elinore Marsha Stormer

  • 2011: The Hon. Thomas Hughston

  • 2010: The Hon. Judge Evelyn Lundeberg Stratton

  • 2009: The Hon. Judge Steven Leifman

  • 2008: The Hon. Judge Jimmie Edwards

  • 2007: The Hon. Judge Leonard P. Edwards

  • 2006: The Hon. Judge Arthur Burnett Sr.

  • 2005: The Hon. Judge John D’Amico

  • 2003: The Hon. Judge Randall T. Shepard

  • 1999: The Honorable O. John Kuenhold

J. Bryan Riley Meritorious Service Award 

First initiated in 2014, this award recognizes individuals whose work exemplifies the ideals of ICJA and who have delivered outstanding service to the field of community justice. 


Criteria: ICJA member who has demonstrated two years of service in community-based corrections with documented achievements.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Bernie Rochford

  • 2018: Steve Lanza

  • 2017: Heather Lumley

  • 2016: Jeanine Webber

  • 2015: David Johnson

  • 2014: Heather Kerr

Charlie Flowers Corporate Partnership Award 

This award, which was introduced in 2014, recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated a strong spirit of support for and collaboration with ICJA as exemplified by the friendship and personal involvement of Charlie Flowers, who was Vice President of Teletrust, Inc. The award is presented to a corporate entity or its representative pursuing a mission consonant with that of ICJA and creating a special bond of mutual friendship with ICJA. 


Criteria: Corporate member of ICJA who demonstrates active and ongoing interest in the work of ICJA and provides goods and/or services of genuine value to the field and demonstrates personal investment in the Association.


Past recipients include:

  • 2023: Frank Genovese, SecurManage 

  • 2019: Jeff Fox, USI Insurance Services

  • 2016: Multi-Health Systems

  • 2015: Alex Tomaszczuk, Pillsbury Law Firm

  • 2014 - Change Companies

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