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Board Spotlight

A. Stephen Lanza

“ICJA is my professional family of choice.”

Steve Lanza.jpg

Starting Out at NCJA...

Stephen joined ICJA after attending ICJA’s annual conference in the mid-2000s. It was clear to him that ICJA was, and is, a leader in research and evidence-based practices in community justice. He originally joined the board as the Regional VP in 2014 and became 

Board Treasurer in 2015. While he was serving as Executive Director of a Community Justice Agency in Connecticut, ICJA was his inspiration for the creation of a highly successful Yale University researched reentry program that become a model for Connecticut.

Best Memories…

With his commitment to and work at the intersection of human development, behavioral health, criminal justice, and social justice ICJA feels like home. Steve shared that  he  looks forward to every meeting, conference, and event - and enjoyed and benefited professionally from each experience and every connection.

“ICJA is truly a committed group of professional colleagues that live their vision - respect, compassion, accountability, opportunity, dedication, passion, collaboration, and connection.” 

Looking to the future…

ICJA has unlimited potential to shape the future of community corrections and community justice in areas of policy, practice, and research.  Without exaggeration, Steve states that what ICJA has to offer is exactly what criminal justice, social justice, and correctional systems need to improve outcomes, establish and maintain justice, ensure public safety, and provide fair, just, and humane services effectively and efficiently to those at-risk and in-need.  Doing what is necessary ("What Works") to facilitate optimal human development and prosocial behavior at any point in the life course, focusing on prevention, restorative practices, social determinants of health; and addressing adversity, trauma, disenfranchisement, alienation, and marginalization will result in increased public safety and more vibrant communities thereby strengthening of the diverse fabric of civil society. ICJA is at the forefront.

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