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Board Spotlight 

Lisa Lopez - Canseco

ICJA President, Program Administrator at Crosspoint INC.

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About Lisa 

Lisa is the current president of the International Community Justice Association as well as a Program Administrator at Crosspoint, Inc based in Texas. Lisa is ICJA’s first Hispanic President and brings personal experience of having incarcerated individuals in her family to her work at ICJA. She originally joined ICJA after being selected to attend an ICJA conference. After her first conference, she was absolutely “HOOKED” on ICJA and made it a priority to attend ICJA conferences annually to enhance her professional skills, bring new ideas back to her staff, and create the best possible programs. 


“I always return from ICJA conferences feeling renewed and energized.”


Noteworthy Achievement…

Lisa created the Emerging Leaders Award which recognizes young and hidden talents among ICJA’s members as well as establishes a new “bench” to help shape future leaders and professionals. 

Looking to the future… 

Lisa is very excited about the reshaping of ICJA as an organization. She believes that with the passion and commitment of the individuals in the association this new chapter has great momentum because of the energetic people helping with this shift. 

Lisa wants to highlight that ICJA has a new mission and vision that outlines how ICJA will work together to advocate for policies that will end mass incarceration and address the issues in the legal system that allow for that racial inequities.  There is something significantly wrong with knowing that our country has the highest per-capita incarceration rate and has the largest prison population in the world.  This is a great time to become a member of ICJA and have your voice heard to help shape the future. 

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