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Board Spotlight

Alex Castro Croy

Director and Lead Clinician at Life Recovery Centers - Colorado 

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About Alex: 


Alex joined ICJA in 2021, bringing a diverse perspective on Mental health and intergenerational trauma to families that have been impacted by family members being incarcerated. Alex is a strong advocate for addressing Mental health and trauma in order to reduce recidivism.  ICJA as an organization aligns with Alex’s personal passion for these issues through its new mission and vision. 

Outside of ICJA:

Alex was previously a Drug Court Probation officer for 10 years in Denver Juvenile probation and decided to change careers and go into the trauma and addiction field after seeing the limited resources for minorities struggling with substance use and trauma. Alex identifies as an Immigrant, Bilingual, bicultural Latino, and is a part of the GLBTQIA+ community, and  believes that through his work he can be an asset. He decided to enter the Mental health field and open two new agencies which he directs, Alex also teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the Metro State University of Denver and consults locally and nationally for Medicaid reform for minorities.


“Through ICJA I am thrilled to be part of the change that I desire to see within the community justice field and to be in conversations about reform and addressing the disparities in care on a national level.”

Alex is excited to share ICJA’s new vision in his state, in higher education, and amongst treatment agencies in his region. You can learn more about Alex, his work, and his life at!

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