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Board Spotlight

Linda Janes

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About Linda…

Linda serves in leadership positions in adult and juvenile state corrections systems as well as in various community justice NGOs.  She is also a licensed clinician (LICDC-CS). She began her career in 1986 as a caseworker in a halfway house and then transitioned to a county probation officer in 1989. Linda would like to take the opportunity to recommend ICJA's Journal of Community Justice which is a widely respected publication and is filled with information about best practices and evidence-informed programs. Linda strongly believes that ICJA is a wonderful opportunity to network with colleagues across the USA and from other countries.

“We must begin our work at the earliest point possible in order to prevent and divert young people from becoming trapped in the cycle of the justice system.”

Looking to the future… 

Linda looks forward to working collaboratively to help create a more just society.  ICJA has now expanded dramatically to be more inclusive of all organizations and services that support the needs of justice-involved individuals and families. She is very excited to be part of the evolution from criminal justice silos to an integrated safety net of holistic services that are rooted in evidence.   

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