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Board Spotlight

Nadine Dalheim

I am passionate about having the right support in place for communities and clients to grow into healthy, productive people that are able to give back one day!

Dalheim photo.png

About Nadine

Nadine joined ICJA in her undergrad years, in approximately 2008, as a way to connect with other corrections professionals and students. She enjoyed receiving the journals as this was a great way to have current research on hand for school, and to learn about new innovations in the community corrections field.

Interesting Fact About Nadine…

She has worked hard through the years to get through online learning and complete university studies. In order to destress, Nadine is the self-proclaimed biggest lover of Disney Land and Cars Land! This is the place she gets to let

her inner kid come out. She loves what she does for a living: supporting mental wellness and substance use reduction as well as advocating for the rights and needs of clients. She sees ICJA as a great organization that can support communities and clients, advocate for great change, and be the voice for those that need it.

Looking to the future…

Nadine looks forward to expanding ICJA more into Canada as well as putting resources together that can benefit both sides of the border. She looks forward to bringing more studentsinto the association and supporting them in their learning journey as well as young professionals new to the field. She looks forward to doing anything that she can to support emerging leaders into competent and passionate professionals in their fields.

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