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Brian Wingard 

VP of Marketing and Development at Alston Wilkes Society - Columbia, SC 
brian - Brian Wingard.png

About Brian: 

Brian joined ICJA 4 years ago when he started to work for the Alston Wilkes Society. He joined so that he could connect with dedicated professionals who are committed to making positive changes in community justice. He was able to attend his first in-person conference this year and it was an amazing experience. Brian said that the meetings were informative and, more importantly, productive; resulting in policy initiatives and legislation within weeks of attending the ICJA conference. Being around so many passionate members all working to make the world a better place for the justice-involved was a very reaffirming and energizing experience.


“I look forward to ICJA continuing to push for actionable change in community justice and assisting justice-involved individuals. “

Looking to the future:

Brian looks forward to including more and more community partners who cover all areas of reentry and working to effect meaningful change. ICJA has been an incredible learning experience for Brian, he can't overstate how beneficial it is to have the ability to connect with folks who are all working for a common goal.

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