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Board Spotlight

Terri Power

Associate Director at Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)


About Terri: 


Terri joined ICJA because of her commitment to working with all vulnerable individuals. As a licensed independent social worker, she has worked with many different populations. Her job at Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has given her valuable experience working with people who were previously incarcerated. Like many vulnerable populations, they are in need of help, support, encouragement, and guidance in order to rejoin their communities. In her work with CSH, Terri monitors and administers three reentry grants. One is Returning Home Ohio, a statewide supportive housing program targeting individuals leaving state prison homeless and with a severe and persistent mental illness; two are local to Franklin County/Columbus. FUSE is designed for frequent users of the jail; those who cycle in and out of jail. Fresh Start is for those who have been impacted by homelessness, mental illness, COVID and/or substance use. 

Outside of ICJA:

Throughout her career Terri has had the opportunity to work with teens, transition age youth, families, and adults in many different types of settings, including group homes, outpatient counseling, halfway houses and in administration. This diversity of experience has broadened and enhanced my view and perspective of this work.


“Through ICJA I am thrilled to be part of the change that I desire to see within the community justice field and to be in conversations about reform and addressing the disparities in care on a national level.”

Personally, Terri is excited to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable group of people.

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