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Board Spotlight

About Gabriella

Gabriella joined ICJA while working with community-based reentry programs at the nonprofit Community Resources for Justice, as ICJA was and is the leading association for organizations supporting individuals during the reentry process. Gabriella feels that she and her colleagues benefited from not only the ICJA annual conferences and the public policy forum, but by the emails shared about best practices and the network of Emerging Leaders. Her ICJA membership was particularly helpful at the beginning of the pandemic when several members shared invaluable information. Now working with Justice System Partners and supporting several locations and agencies around the country to be more like coaches (rather than referees) in their community corrections work, ICJA assists Gabriella with staying up-to-date on the latest reentry trends and research and connecting with like-minded professionals around the world to improve the criminal legal system to be more person-centered with a focus on justice and equity.


"ICJA provides many spaces, both virtually and in person, for Emerging Leaders to connect, learn from one another, and advance the field with equitable change. I look forward to ICJA's November virtual conference!"

Gabriella and ICJA: 


At the last in-person ICJA conference in 2019, Gabriella received the inaugural Emerging Leaders award from ICJA. Having been the beneficiary of several mentors, Gabriella is passionate about giving back and mentoring others and has been working to start a network of ICJA Emerging Leaders in reentry, community corrections, and community justice with an intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please reach out to her directly if you'd like to join that network at


Gabriella currently represents the Higher Education sector for ICJA and teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Suffolk University. Gabriella will be hosting an info session for higher education institutions interested in learning more about ICJA in September of 2022- please contact her for more details (

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